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Are there scholarships available?

The OCC has a limited amount of financial aid available for children of families that have genuine hardships.  These funds are not always available and the aid is determined on a case by case basis.  You can apply for the financial assistance by clicking the link below:

Click here to begin application process

STEP 1. Contact Information

Please provide the most accurate contact information so we easily connect with you and expedite the application process.

Please provide the full name of the PRIMARY contact parent or guardian.

Please provide the MOST RELIABLE phone number for the primary contact parent or guardian.

Please provide the email address of the primary contact parent or guardian.

Please choose the proper relationship title from the drop down list.

STEP 2. Child Information

Provide a little basic information about the child.

Please provide the full name of the child.

The OCC is for students in fourth through eighth grade. Click the down arrow to see all of the options.

Please list the name of the school the child is CURRENTLY attending.

STEP 3. Financial Information

This application is a preliminary process. You will be responsible to provide supporting documentation for the answers your submit.

Please select all of the applicable sources of financial assistance you are currently recieving.

Please provide your average taxable income over that last three years of tax returns.

We realize everyone's financial hardship has unique conditions and circumstances. Use this space to provide any information that you feel we need to know.

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How do I contact the OCC Staff?

The OCC Staff can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 407.865.1843

How much does it cost to be in the choir?

Membership fees for the K-3 ensemble are $60/month per child.

Membership fees for the 4-12 ensemble are $75/month per child.

Is there an audition process?

No.  The choir is open membership.  Children who wish to sing with us are welcome to join.

What age children are in the choir?

The Orlando Children’s Choir is made up of kids  in Kindergarten through 12th grade

What does my child(ren) need to bring to rehearsal?

Your child must bring their music to each OCC rehearsal.  They are also encouraged to bring bottled water.

What is included with my registration fee?

Your registration fee includes an OCC t-shirt, music, folder, and rehearsal CD.

When does rehearsal occur?

The Orlando Children’s Choir rehearses every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held at the following address:

251 E Lake Brantley Drive
Longwood, FL 32779