“The only thing better than singing
is more singing.”

“I don’t sing because I’m happy;
I’m happy because I sing.”

“Self-esteem is the real magic wand that can
form a child’s future.”

“Life is a song.
Love is the music.”

“The Orlando Children’s Choir is making beautiful music, lasting friendships and once in a lifetime memories.”


It’s A Sweet Song

The Orlando Children’s Choir is a singing collaboration that welcomes all children in grades K-8 with unchanged voices who are committed to developing and sharing their musical talents.

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Kids, Kids, Kids!

The Orlando Children’s Choir exists to educate and train students in the arts and techniques of choral music, as well as to perform with the highest artistic standards appropriate to the children’ ages and abilities. Regardless of any previous experiences, the children who participate in the Orlando Children’s Choir will be committed to developing and sharing their talents with each other, the Central Florida Community, and beyond. Our two ensembles (K-3/4-8) rehearse once a week, focusing on note reading, vocal training, and performance skills.

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Join Our Journey

It’s really easy to join the Orlando Children’s Choir!

If your child is interested in high-quality musical training and performing, register them today and let their musical journey begin!

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Inspiring Kids One Note At A Time

Through the power of song, the Orlando Children’s Choir encourages young people to grow together musically, emotionally and physically. In developing their musical gifts, children will also learn to express themselves, bridge differences, and enrich the lives of others around them.

Educators also link music education with improved cognitive and communication skills, emotional stability and the confidence to stand up to peer pressure.

Music education provides a positive discipline and sense of accomplishment that promotes better academic performance.